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General Rules on MrTeen
Please do:
  • First and holy rule. Only 18+ Content

  • Please post everything in English unless you are absolutely unable to.

  • Please check your posts for spelling and grammatical errors before  posting. Most browsers have a spelling checker built in these days.

  • Please post your messages in the appropriate category and please stay on topic.

  • When in the Request forums please format your requests as the posting directions for that forum dictate. This helps the different crews to streamline requests and information. Requests that do not comply to the posting directions or lack information may not be taken into consideration.

  • Please follow the directions of the forum crew.

  • Please be polite to everyone at all times.
Please do NOT:
  • Please do not offer, encourage or link to illegal activities. You will be banned!

  • Please do not use unnecessary vulgar language in your messages. Swearing and cursing will get you nowhere and will only offend other users.

  • Please do not promote your commercial website or activities on the forums. We have advertising space for that.  

  • Please do not spam, cross post or bump topics unnecessarily.

  • Please do not seek confrontation with other users, if you see someone breaking the rules or being rude do not try to correct this user yourself, instead be the smart person and report the post so that the crew can take care of it.

  • Please do not seek the boundaries of these rules, use common sense.
General information:
  • A Moderator has the right to edit or remove content from posts as they deem necessary.

  • A Moderator can ask a user to correct or change a post

  • Some forums may have some extra guidelines or posting directions, be sure to make yourself familiar with the sticky topics.

  • The Staff is able to ban a user's account including email and IP addresses, user's posts can be erased as well if they deem it necessary to do so.

  • An 'un-banning' request can be made through the contact form after one week, erased posts will however not be restored.

  • The forum’s rules can be changed by the Staff as they see fit.

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